Recruitment and salary potential reports

Are you currently deciding on a target location for the new recruitment process? Do you want to learn the availability of specialists in a given field in a specific area? Do you have to prepare a job cost estimate for a whole new department?

We will compile a report for you, which, depending on your needs, will contain the entire spectrum of analyses – starting from recruitment potential, market competitiveness, compensation analysis to availability of specialists and the possibility of their relocation.
We will provide you with reliable data, which will help you make a thought-through and safe business decision. 

The content of IRKL REPORTS

Using tables and charts, we present an overall assessment of the recruitment potential with the number of candidates with specific competences available in a given region - province/city.

We provide information on the salary levels accepted by candidates for the position in terms of minimum/optimum/maximum.

Based on potential, we show you how many candidates you can attract over a selected period, e.g. within the first 4 weeks.

See what the recruitment and salary opportunities are in different regions of the country for different groups of candidates.

If you are planning a recruitment project in selected locations, we can help you answer key questions by obtaining reliable data.

How do we create our Reports?

How do we create our Reports?

To create a single report, we first gather and then filter thousands of data points about working-age persons by exploring over 2000 Internet locations. All this to best tailor your offer to market needs.

Our technology analyzes behaviors of users on popular portals and mobile applications, focusing on working-age population. Thanks to our in-house method, we can analyze thousands of data points so that the final report you receive is as accurate as possible.

All information is supplemented with data acquired directly from the candidates, online resources or indirectly – from the Central Statistical Office, commercial salary reports and analyses of the standard of living. Additionally, we investigate market competitiveness and costs of living in a given area reconciling them against potential number and salaries of candidates.
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