Find your dream job thanks to the knowledge of the German language!

We are a recruiting company specializing in connecting top employers with people who speak foreign languages. Whether you are interested in remote or onsite work, whether you have work experience or not, we will find the perfect fit for you.

Why worth?


We work only with well-known and verified employers. Our clients are top companies in the SSC/BPO, Accounting and IT industries, guaranteeing opportunities for growth and stability of employment.

with language

You will develop your language, communication and interpersonal skills, which are essential in every walk of life. You will learn about different cultures and customs of people from all over the world, which will broaden your knowledge and horizons.

job offers

Our clients offer competitive salaries, often enhanced by a bonus system and additional non-wage benefits. Depending on the offer, there is an opportunity to work in a desktop, hybrid or remote model.

personal and professional

You will gain experience and knowledge that will greatly enhance your qualifications. You will gain new skills that will help you develop in many areas and increase your value in the labor market.

What kind of people looking for?

Knowing German at a minimum B2 level

Interested in industries such as technology, finance, Customer Experience

Eager to learn and gain new experiences

Those looking for a stable job in companies with an established market position

Those who value working with people

Fill out a simple form and we will we will contact you

We will present you with German language job offers tailored to your profile and preferences.

About us

Institute for Human Capital Development

IRKL is engaged in recruitment of employees at home and abroad. We are a leading recruitment company in north-eastern Poland. We are distinguished by an original system of using new media in reaching candidates.

We are listed in the Register of Employment Agencies as employment agency number 10485.

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