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With our experience in marketing and employee recruitment, we are able to recommend more, and better candidates! In our proposed solutions, we use an innovative method of recruitment based on advertising. 

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We have been successfully connecting employees and employers since 2014. We source candidates differently than everyone else. Thanks to a proprietary method, we find the best - including those who are not looking for a job. With our activities in New Media, we reach up to 90% of people who meet our clients' expectations. 

We are a licensed employment agency entered into the National Register of Employment Agencies under the number: 10485

Full recruitment process

Recruitment of employees

A comprehensive recruitment solution whereby we introduce you to candidates who meet your requirements and accept your terms of employment. You decide who you hire!

Online advertising Your jobs

Recruitment advertising

AD+HR is a broad-based recruitment advertising to promote your job offer. We use social media, search engines and industry portals to display your job offer to the right candidates.

Ready list of candidates


Recruitment leads are nothing more than a package of 50, 100, 200 candidates declaring the competencies you require, obtained on your individual request.

Traditional HR + Marketing

We have developed a proprietary IRKL Method, thanks to which we effectively reach the screens of specific candidates' devices.

We study their behaviour, demographic and professional profile. We strictly define the desired location, the best possible time and context.

We do not abandon traditional methods, because we believe that only their combination with new ones will bring the best results. Creative ideas are the strength of our team.

Thanks to our recruitment method we have recommended:


IT specialists


Customer service




Manual workers

Hire the best employees

With our solutions you will significantly speed up the recruitment process in your company! 

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Take advantage of our recruitment services and discover how easy it is to find the perfect employee

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