Looking for the best employees?

Thanks to our experience in marketing and recruitment, we are able to recommend more and better candidates! In our processes, we use an innovative recruitment method based on advertising.  

We connect employers with the suitable employees

Since 2014, we have been successfully connecting employees and employers. We acquire candidates differently than everyone else. Thanks to the proprietary recruitment method, we find the best ones - also those who are not looking for a job yet. With our activities at New Media, we reach up to 90% of people who meet customer expectations. 

We are a licensed employment agency entered into the National Register of Employment Agencies under the number: 10485

Traditional HR + Marketing

We have developed a proprietary IRKL Method to effectively reach the device screens of specific candidates.

We study their behaviour, demographic and professional profile. We strictly define the desired location, the best possible time and context.

We do not abandon traditional methods, because we believe that only their combination with new ones will bring the best results. Creative ideas are the strength of our team.

What could recruitment process look like:

Profile candidate

Based on your requirements, we will create a model of the ideal candidate, check the exact recruitment potential , and make a forecast of the recruitment process. We'll find out how many people fit the profile before we take action. This will give you information on what results you can expect right from the start.

Verification competence

Our experienced recruitment specialists will conduct verification interviews with interested candidates. We will use tests and recruitment tasks tailored to the specifics of the recruitment process and your needs. All this to provide employees you can rely on!

Campaign recruitment

Using a proprietary employee recruitment method, we will reach out to candidates who meet your requirements. We will design advertising content, develop social media communication and prepare attractive advertisements. With an individual approach to each project, we guarantee the best possible results.

Recommendation best

We recommend only the best employees! As part of the service, you will receive contact details, CVs and necessary documents of candidates who meet the requirements and are motivated to work in your company!

Thanks to our recruitment method recommended:

Find top employees

Use our recruitment services and discover how easy it is to find the perfect employee. 

Case Study

Complete process recruitment


Our client is an international outsourcing corporation that was struggling to staff multi-volume projects. In order to solve this problem, the company turned to us for help.


In order to solve the client's problem, we designed an individually tailored recruitment process based on our proprietary method of acquiring and selecting candidates. Within a month, we acquired 520 candidates through recruitment ads on popular social networking sites. Then, we selected candidates using our method, which allowed for precise matching of candidates to the client's requirements.


Finally, we presented the client with 60 profiles of candidates who accepted the terms of employment and met all the requirements. Based on our recommendation, 32 people decided to accept the job offer. Thanks to our recruitment process, the client managed to fill a multi-volume project.

Hire the best employees

Don't miss the chance to hire the best employees! Apply now and discover our reliable method!

Our recruitment services have been used by:

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