New Media's proprietary employee recruitment method and SRP model

With our experience you will complete the most difficult recruitment projects. Learn about the concepts of Simple Recruitment Process and New Media's proprietary method of employee recruitment.

What is New Media's proprietary method of recruiting employees?

Thanks to the recruitment method we have developed at New Media, we reach candidates who are inaccessible through classic methods.

HR tradition + Passion for digital marketing

New Media's proprietary recruitment method was created by combining a passion for Internet marketing and experience in traditional HR activities. The recruitment model we have developed is based on specified advertising activities, which are an ideal alternative to classic forms of obtaining candidates.

Recognition of recruitment needs

In order to reach candidates interested in your job offer, we pay special attention to building a candidate profile. We study behavior, create a demographic and professional profile. We strictly define the desired location, the best possible time and context. We are able to precisely reach potential candidates inaccessible through classic recruitment methods.

Recruitment advertising on social media, search engines and mobile apps

We conduct promotional activities so that every potential candidate hears about your offer! We will use social media, film a recruitment spot and use recruitment advertising. If necessary, your job offer will be presented in more than 5,000 places on the Internet such as specialized and industry portals, YouTube videos, mobile applications, Google and Bing search engine and many others.

Evaluation and optimization of activities

We systematically analyze the effectiveness of our activities, optimize recruitment funnels, forms of contact with candidates and simplify the process as much as possible. We look for new forms of acquiring candidates, follow trends and virals. We believe that through our commitment we are able to develop our clients' businesses.

SRP - Simple Recruitment Process

Institute for Human Capital Development - Recruitment of employees - teamwork

A simple and understandable recruitment process is the key to effective hiring

Our long-standing observations show that transparency and maximum simplification of the recruitment process increases employment opportunities, and significantly reduces the cost of recruiting employees. As part of its processes, IRKL follows the principle of SRP - Simple Recruitment Process, which allows us to exclude unnecessary recruitment stages and pay special attention to issues such as: candidate journey and candidate experience.
In order to make the process of recruiting an employee as simple as possible - on the part of IRKL, we have developed four key stages of the process that guarantee success:

Creation of a candidate profile (customer contact department)

The key to hiring the right employees is a thoroughly prepared recruitment brief. Our client contact specialist will examine your company's recruitment needs and, based on mutual findings, develop an accurate recruitment brief. The prepared recruitment brief is the basis for the creation of a Candidate Profile reflecting the silhouette of the ideal candidate and allows you to prepare an accurate forecast of the implementation of the recruitment process conducted by our team. With this information, you will be able to plan the work of your team, as well as predict what results you can expect.

Preparation of a recruitment campaign in New Media (marketing department)

Based on the prepared profile of the ideal candidate, our specialized marketing department will prepare a detailed recruitment strategy. It will individually select methods, techniques and appropriate tools. As part of the project, we will prepare a recruitment campaign in New Media based on an internal, proprietary recruitment method. We will design advertising content, develop a modern social media campaign and apply classic forms of recruitment. Thanks to the measures taken, we will reach candidates who are looking for a job (active candidate), candidates who are considering changing jobs and candidates whom we will make look for a job (passive candidate).

Competency verification (recruitment department)

Our experienced recruitment experts will conduct thorough and in-depth vetting interviews with interested candidates. We will make use of a variety of tests and recruitment tasks that will be tailored to the nature of the hiring process to further match your requirements and needs. Our main goal is to provide you with employees you can fully rely on and who will integrate into your team. With our recruitment specialists, you are assured of receiving candidates who are exceptional in terms of competence and values, and who will be able to contribute to the long-term success of your organization.

Recommendation of the best candidates (recruitment department)

Our recruitment experts recommend only the best employees, providing you with contact information, resumes and all necessary documents of candidates who meet your requirements and show great motivation to work for your company. With our support, you will have access to talent, perfectly matched to your needs and ready to contribute to the development of your company.

Take advantage of our experience in employee recruitment!

We efficiently carry out recruitment processes, minimizing the costs and risks associated with hiring new employees. Apply and we will prepare proposals for our competence in your recruitment processes!  

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