Precise advertising of your job offer on the Internet

Improve recruitment results with precisely tailored social media ads! 

What does AD+HR's precision recruitment advertising consist of?

How AD+HR recruitment campaigns work

When potential candidates surf the Internet on a computer, phone or tablet, we display ads to them, encouraging them to participate in recruitment. Our ads supporting your recruitment are visible on more than 2,000 local and national portals, social media, websites and mobile applications. We use the most popular places on the web and specialized sites, targeted to professionals.

How do we get to the candidates?

We effectively fish for talent online by knowing the online behavior of potential candidates. When using the Internet and mobile applications, they visit sites with specific topics. When traveling to work and moving around, they use GPS. They complete their public profiles with demographic and professional data. We study the behavior of Internet users through analytical tools we have developed. We combine the data and filter out people who match recruitment requirements. We then display ads to people who are likely to participate in the process.

What kind of candidates can you attract with AD+HR ads?

Engineers and technologists

Traders and e-commerce specialists

Foreign language office workers

Production employees

How to benefit from AD+HR advertising campaigns?

To take advantage of AD+HR recruitment advertising, fill out the application form and we will:

Perfect candidate

We will create a candidate profile based on your job offer within 48 hours.

Advertising potential

Based on the candidate's profile, we will prepare an advertising potential indicating the number of people who meet your requirements.

Terms of cooperation

We will contact you by phone and present the steps that we will take during our cooperation

Advertising campaigns

We will create effective advertisements and draw the attention of hundreds of candidates matching recruitment requirements of your job offer.


After our advertising campaign, you will receive a minireport showing our results

Take advantage of AD+HR in recruitment!

Fill in the application form and we will provide you with an offer tailored to your needs!
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