Recruitment leads - new contacts to prospective employees.

Don't know how to find candidates for a recruitment process with specific qualifications in a particular location? We have a tool that will change that.

What are recruitment leads?

They are contacts to potential candidates, acquired by us at your specific request.

RODO compliant candidates

Each of the people whose data you will receive has agreed to participate in your recruitment (RODO) when applying to our ongoing campaign on more than 2,000 websites and popular social media.

Pre-verified competencies

What is important, all candidates were verified by answering at least one recruitment question.

Recruitment leads are the right tool if:

You are missing candidates in your ongoing recruitment process

The number of candidates applying for your offer is not enough to complete the recruitment successfully? Recruitment leads will provide you with constant, systematic access to new candidates!

your recruitment is run on a wide or specialized scale

Do you have many full-time positions to fill that require similar skills? Using the Recruitment Leads service, you get contact details of people with specific qualifications willing to take up or change jobs. It's up to you what you offer them!

Looking for candidates who are not available through advertisements

Classic forms of recruitment do not bring the intended results, and the same candidates apply to your ads? With our solution you will reach a pool of candidates inaccessible by classic methods!

Why do recruitment leads work?

We have a range of advanced methods and we will not hesitate to use them! Our fields of action are diverse and the method we developed helps us reach quality recruitment leads. Forget about the dilemma of the lack of candidates in your recruitment.


Robots contacting candidates on social media and portals for professionals,


Recruitment ads to encourage candidates to apply to your process.


Mailings to users of portals that have your candidates in their database.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence activities that track visitors to sites with defined content.

Are you interested in offering recruitment leads?

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