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At our company, we know people and effectively fish for talent online. Since 2014, we have been successfully connecting employees and employers. We have developed our own IRKL method, thanks to which we are able to reach up to 90% of the population of possible candidates. We are characterized by innovation and openness to new technologies. We will be your partner in business.

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Programmer with Swedish? An all-round assistant? A sales director who speaks Flemish? A molecular chef?

We find the best. The IRKL™ method, our proprietary system, allows us to target a wide range of candidates with desirable qualities.

Since 2014, we have been doing what makes us happy - developing the labour market and helping companies achieve their goals.

At home and abroad. For large international companies with branches in Poland, as well as businesses based in Germany, the Netherlands or the Scandinavian countries. Also for medium-sized enterprises, from shops to craft breweries.

We use automation and robotics, targeting and profiling, business intelligence (and dozens of other tools and processes you don't need to know about) in our work.

We operate differently to typical companies and recruitment agencies and therefore we achieve different results.

If you are looking for employment, we will find a company and a position to match your expectations.

Our specializations

We are great at recruiting employees meeting specific language requirements. We are able to define the linguistic recruitment potential thanks to innovative working methods.
We are able to define the recruitment potential in the IT sector and single out those candidates who have specific skills.
We are able to find leaders in their industries. When looking for candidates for positions in managerial staff, we focus on those who have the required experience and education.
We have had many successes in recruiting technical staff and specialists with particular skills. We define recruitment goals based on our clients’ expectations.
We have experience in acquiring candidates for merchant and customer service positions. Before kicking-off our campaign, we carefully define the recruitment potential in a given area.
Our portfolio includes clients who acquired candidates for their accounting and finance department thanks to our work. We are able to single out those who meet your expectations.

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