Meet a recruitment agency that understands your needs!

Since 2014, we have been successfully connecting employees and employers. We have developed our own recruitment method, which allows us to reach up to 90% of the population of possible candidates. 

We connect employers with the right employees

IRKL is a recruitment agency that was created by combining a passion for marketing with deep knowledge and experience in the field of recruitment. Our business is a response to the growing market demand and the desire to support companies in the effective recruitment of qualified employees.
Setting ourselves the goal of connecting employers with the right employees, we carry out large recruitment projects for well-known brands, mainly in the SSC/BPO industry. We are aware of the challenges businesses may face when looking for qualified personnel, so we offer customized solutions.
Our services are based on an in-depth analysis of client requirements and the labor market. We use modern tools and technologies to reach the most suitable candidates. Our many years of experience have resulted in the development of a unique recruitment method in the area of New Media and the creation of a proprietary SRP cooperation model - Simple Recruitment Process. IRKL has an experienced recruitment department supported by a specialized digital marketing team. All this to ensure the highest quality of recruitment services.
We are ready to support your company in effectively attracting exceptional talent to build a strong team that will contribute to the continued growth and success of your business. Our efforts are focused on reducing recruitment costs and speeding up the process, allowing you to focus on completing projects in a timely manner.

We have led projects for the world's top employers according to Forbes.

Our clients include companies from a wide variety of industries including IT, BPO/SSC, manufacturing, retail/e-commerce and logistics including.

Take advantage of our experience in employee recruitment!

Since 2014, we have been implementing recruitment processes, minimizing the costs and risks associated with hiring new employees.

We are a licensed employment agency registered in the National Register of Employment Agencies under number: 10485.

IRKL is part of the Recruitment Friendly Dinner and is guided by the values of the Diversity Charter.

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