carries out a project co-financed by European Funds

The company Instytut Rozwoju Kapitału Ludzkiego Sp. z o.o. has entered the foreign markets of Sweden, Norway and Denmark with an innovative IT product in the form of AD+HR, which supports the entire ongoing recruitment process.

Project description:

Instytut Rozwoju Kapitału Ludzkiego Sp. z o.o., planning its export activity and expansion onto foreign markets, commissioned an external company to verify selected countries in terms of distribution of its IT product AD+HR used to support recruitment processes. Out of six potential locations, the consulting company finally recommended three in the form of: Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Their selection was preceded by a thorough analysis based on information available in official internet sources and information gathered by the external consulting company, which is described in detail in the Business Model.

Project duration: 02.11.2020 - 31.05.2022.


The company's export product is IT AD+HR, which supports recruitment processes in companies. As part of its operation.AD+HR accelerates recruitment processes by advertising a job offer, among a predetermined profile of candidates in a specific industry. In order to consciously and prudently enter selected European markets, the Applicant will take the following steps:

  1. Purchase of a consultancy service mainly related to the provision of marketing services, leading to the promotion of the brand in target markets.
  2. Organise a business mission in the form of participation as an exhibitor at Copenhagen Tech Job By Techmeetups in 2022. 
  3. Organise a business mission in the form of participation in the Stockholm Tech Job Fair By Techmeetups in 2022 as an exhibitor.
  4. Organise a business mission to Oslo in 2022 to meet potential customers.
  5. Purchase of an advisory and training service aimed at preparing the Applicant to effectively go through the internationalisation process.
  6. Purchase of a product customisation service for markets.

Project objectives: 

The aim of the project is to internationalise operations in new foreign markets in the form of Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Planned outcomes:

1) Gaining new foreign markets in the form of Denmark, Sweden and Norway;

2) increase in revenue by at least 30% within 18 months of the completion of the project;

3) to develop activities, thanks to new experience acquired through international business cooperation;

4) To generate an increase in revenue, which in turn will allow for new investment in infrastructure and further development of service potential;

5) Establishing new international contacts, which will allow further international expansion into new markets.

Project value: 477 610,65 PLN

European Fund contribution: PLN 330,034.57

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